Arklow Harbour Maritime Collection

Arklow Harbour is located in Arklow (county of Wicklow)

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Arklow Harbour has a long Maritime Tradition of Boatbuilding, Fishing and the Merchant Marine. It was the last stronghold of sailing merchant vessels in the British Isles. It has one of the oldest RNLI stations. The harbour shelters a variety of working and decommissioned wooden trawlers, landbased equipment, and water-based equipment. It is home to a rowing club which utilises the historic design “East Coast Skiffs”. The local sea-scouts have assorted wooden boats including a rare double-ended “Rosslare Sailing Cot” in good condition.

Repository type: Community Based

Category: Fishing
Collection type: Boats
Boat classification: Fishing Boats

Boat design: Various
Equipment type: Various Fishing


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