Cashel Folk Village in Cashel

Cashel Folk Village is located in Cashel (county of Tipperary)

Address: St. Dominics Street, Cashel

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Phone: 062 63601 / 087 9151316

Cashel Folk Village/Museums has on/site what is unquestionably the finest War of Independence Museum, in particular relating to The War of Indepence in Tipperary, in the whole of Ireland. What you will see is a virtual treasure/trove of unique artefacts and memorabilia dedicated to the many great patriots of the period. Cashel Folk Village/Museums welcomes you to visit The Great Irish Famine Museum, a museum that portrays this horrific period in Irish history. Delaney’s Forge is over 100 years old and houses a fascinating collection of blacksmiths tools, coopers tools etc- you will feel when you enter the Forge, as if you are taking a trip back in time- back to when the Forge was a centre- piece of the old Irish village way of life- and the blacksmith plied his trade diligently shoeing the horses for the locals, when the horse and cart was the main method of transport- the bellows. Anvil, and vast array of different tools, give you a realistic view of exactly what the ancient trade was really like. Cashel Folk Village/Museums proudly displays the beautiful Garden of Remembrance, amagnificent display of Memorials dedicated to different periods of Irish history, which contains the following: The Celtic Cross, The Proclamation of Irish Independence , The Statue of Sean Russell, The 7 Signatories of The Proclamation, The Collection of Memorial Plaques, St. Dominics Wishing Well, The Brougham Carriage, The Original Old Shop Fronts.


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