James Joyce Tower and Museum in Sandycove

James Joyce Tower and Museum is located in Sandycove (county of Dublin )

Address: Joyce Tower, Sandycove Point, Sandycove

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Phone: 01 2809265
E-mail: joycetower@failteireland.ie

The Martello Tower on Sandycove Point is one of a series of 26 similar towers erected along the coast of County Dublin in 1804 to counter the threat of a Napoleonic invasion. Forty feet high, with granite walls eight feet thick, it had a swivelling cannon mounted on the top. The towers never saw action, and in 1897 the War Department decommissioned the Sandycove tower to put it up for rent. In 1904 it was lived in briefly by the young James Joyce at the invitation of Oliver St John Gogarty, and it subsequently became the setting for the opening of his great novel Ulysses, published in 1922. Joyce described the tower exactly as he remembered it, with characters based on its real-life occupants, but he also implied that he himself had paid the rent. The Joyce Tower, as it inevitably became known, was bought and opened as the James Joyce Museum in 1962. The collection includes portraits and photographs, first editions of Ulysses and Joyce’s other works, letters and manuscript items, Joyce’s death mask and some of his personal possessions – his waistcoat and cane, his guitar and travelling trunk, and a tie which he presented to Samuel Beckett from his own wardrobe. The roof of the tower and the round room on the first floor remain much as Joyce described them in Ulysses.


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