Meitheal Mara Maritime Collection

Meitheal Mara is located in Crosses Green, Cork City (county of Cork)

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A Heritage Group, supported by a community employment scheme, mainly involved with the continuity of the skin boat tradition in Ireland. Rescued several abandoned currachs and used them to design replicas including 4-oar working Naomhogs and Aran type currachs. Plans, templates and equipment to build many types of Irish skinboats. Mostcurrach types represented in the collection, including Naomhog, Aran, Dunfanaghy Currachs and Coracles. Collection of oars, sails and sundry equipment associated with currachs. Some wooden boats also in the collection, including a prong and a dory. Probably the most extensive archive of the skin boat tradition.

Repository type: Heritage Group

Category: Boatbuilding
Collection type: Boats
Boat classification: Currachs

Boat design: Naomhog
Equipment type: Memorabilia


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