Naomhoga Chorcai Maritime Collection

Naomhoga Chorcai is located in Shandon Boat Club Marina, Cork (county of Cork)

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Naomhoga Chorcai is based jointly at Shandon Boat Club and Rushbrooke, Cobh. The club has the largest collection (currently numbering 10) of 4-man naomhogs (traditional Kerry working currachs). All have been built based on an original John Goodwin currach. A number of Dunfanaghy currachs are also available. Documentation on the Naomhog’s is held by the Meitheal Mara Community Group (see record for Meitheal Mara).

Repository type: Rowing Club

Category: Leisure
Collection type: Boats
Boat classification: Currachs

Boat design: Naomhog
Equipment type: Various


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