Schull Planetarium in West Cork

Schull Planetarium is located in West Cork (county of Cork)

Address: Colla Road, Schull, West Cork

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Phone: 028 28315 / 28552

Apart from the obvious fact that it has a connection with stars, the name Planetarium gives no idea of the remarkable spectacle which awaits each visitor. Sitting under hemispherical dome in a darkened auditorium, spectators can see an amazingly realistic and accurate reproduction of the star-studded night sky. This man-made universe is produced by an instrument which, from its central position, throws the images of the heavenly bodies on the white-painted dome. It is the Zeiss Planetarium projector. It produces images of the celestical bodies in such a way that they are accurate in size, brightness and position relative to each other. The instrument depicts the general march of the stars across the face of the night sky. The audience sees the heavens portrayed with such realism that feel they are sitting out of doors on the clearest of nights looking up at the natural canopy of stars overhead.


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