The Irish Fishing and Shooting Museum Maritime Collection

The Irish Fishing and Shooting Museum is located in Attanagh, Durrow (county of Laois)

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The museum is focussed on Angling, Shooting and Hunting. It has very good collections of fishing traps, fish and eel spears. Includes some equipment that would have been used by poachers. Other fishing equipment on display include handlines, otterboards, and whaling harpoons. Boats in the collection include a Suir Cot, a Single Gun Punt, a Double Gun Punt, and a Lough Ennel Lake Boat, along with oars, paddles and associated equipment. There are some large punt guns on display, including an 8 foot type that would have been mechanically mounted on the punt. The exhibition includes a large number of documents, prints and photographs, and a library devoted to books on fishing and hunting.

Repository type: Museum

Category: Fishing
Collection type: Water Based Eq.
Boat classification: Inland Leisure

Boat design: Gun Punt
Equipment type: Various


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