Vandeleur Walled Garden in Kilrush

Vandeleur Walled Garden is located in Kilrush (county of Clare)

Address: Vandeleur Demesne, Killimer Road, Kilrush

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Phone: 065 9051760

The Walled Garden occupies an area of ca. 0.90ha (2.158 acres) & is completely surrounded by stone walls. It was positioned close to the family house, to the east side of the other buildings, which helped to protect it from the prevailing westerly winds. The garden is rectangular in shape with a widening west end. The west wall is nearly twice as long as the east wall with the north wall the longest, designed purposely to catch maximum sun for the plants. The orientation of the garden was designed to give the contents the benefits of the most favourable weather conditions. The original layout was a conventional one of paths running round the garden parallel to the walls, with a centre path running from north to south and a cross-path running from east to west dividing the garden into four planted sections.


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