Bulloch Harbour Boat Association Maritime Collection

Bulloch Harbour Boat Association is located in Dalkey, Dublin (county of Dublin)

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Bulloch Harbour is one of the few small working fisheries in the Dublin Area. 4 small half deckers ( of a modern design) and several traditional East Coast Skiffs are still actively involved in Lobster Fishing. The remainder of the boats in the harbour are used for leisure. Associated equipment around the harbour includes nets, lobsterpots, keep pots, an old winch and mooring fixtures, remnants of the harbours history as a trading port. A history of the harbour is available (Smyth, D. 1999).

Repository type: Community Based

Category: Fishing
Collection type: Boats
Boat classification: Fishing Boats

Boat design: East Coast Skiffs
Equipment type: Various Fishing


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